About Jerry Wildman, founder of Everything Yard

Founder of Everything Yard

My father was a teacher. He had 5 kids so he had to have something for us to do during the summers. Each of us started mowing lawns professionally the summer after first grade. We had to do the majority of our own maintenance. Eventually it all became second nature.

Through the years I kept mowing lawns. By 2014, I was mowing 51 yards on my own while working full time. In 2015, I married an East Texas gal and moved to Mount Pleasant, Texas. Soon after we married, the opportunity arose to start Everything Yard.

Today I have realized my dream to start a small business that I have a lifetime of experience in. I am thankful to be able to combine my vast knowledge in lawn care and equipment maintenance while fulfilling my desire to help people.

- Jerry Wildman


Everything Yard is a local business selling specialty lawn equipment. We sell the two top rated brands of zero turn mowers in the nation: Scag and Exmark. We also sell Echo brand lawn care equipment.

Everything Yard also provides service and maintenance on all brands, makes and models of lawn mowers.

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